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Technical Articles

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Stitchless finger Trap


No-Sew Fingertrap

This fingertrap locking method eliminates the necessity of bar tacking the finished line, and is especially useful when working  with the very fine 550 Spectra. Using a fingertrap wire (24 gaugesteel is best), make the initial fingertrap to the desired loop size, making sure you have at least 3 inches of line inserted. The inserted or inner piece is referred to as the “core”. Flatten and “mash” the fingertrap to open up a hole through which the wire will be reinserted as shown in the illustration. The drawing is not to scale. The wire should be inserted within .75 “ + or - .25 ” of the core insertion point (up close to the loop). Pull the running end of line through the outer sheath and core using the wire, as shown. Pull and smooth out with fingers.

The “lock” can be undone by flattening and mashing the line as done previously, inserting the wire through the original hole, and pulling the running end of the line back through opposite of the previous direction.

The strength of the resulting junction exceeds that of the line. When pulled to destruction the line will break at the usual point just below the inserted end, where the line goes from “fat” to “skinny”.

The no-sew fingertrap is excellent as a field repair. It can also be used successfully to attach brake toggles. In this application though we recommend that the process be done twice, with the running end being pulled through the outer sheath and the core a second time, about 1” below the first insertion point.

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