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Tandem Certification

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Appendix C - Tandem Instructor Currency Requirements.


To be current, the Tandem Instructor must have made a minimum of three tandem skydives within the preceding 90 days.

I. Recurrency requirements. The following recurrency requirements must be fulfilled before a tandem instructor may engage in tandem skydiving with student skydivers:
A. Over 90 days -- three (3) jumps with experienced skydivers.
B. Over 180 days -- three (3) jumps, of which two (2) must be made with another tandem instructor acting as the student may count this jump toward their own currency requirement.
C. Over 365 days -- must attend a recertification course.

II. Annual recertification. The Tandem Instructor must have made a minimum of twenty-five (25) tandem skydives within the preceding twelve months, three of which must have been made in the preceding ninety (90) days. If this requirement has not been met, the Tandem Instructor must meet the 180 day recurrency requirement.

Cross training requirements.

Tandem Instructors applying for authorization to make tandem jumps on another manufactures equipment must meet all Section I requirements on the equipment for which the authorization is being sought.

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