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Tandem Pages

Title (A)Date
Elite/Tandem Bulletin 001 5/23/1995
Elite/Tandem Bulletin 002 11/1/1995
Elite/Tandem Bulletin 003 11/1/1996
Elite/Tandem Newsletter Jan/95 1/1/1995
How to Improve Racer Tandem Openings. 11/19/1998
Jump Shack Position on Head Down Tandems 5/6/1998
Parachute Laboratories, Inc. Position on Under Age Tandems 3/4/2009
Racer Tandem Flex Pin Safety Notice 8/7/2007
Racer Tandem TSO Authorization (PDF Format 131K) 3/31/2000
Tandem Brake Stow Illustration 12/5/2007
Tandem Brake Stowage Notice 3/30/1998
Tandem Drouge Bridle Release Problem 2/14/2000
Tandem FAA 2000 Exemption 3/21/2000
Tandem Reserve Canopies TSO Authorization (PDF Format 137K) 3/31/2000
Tandem Steering Line Safety Notice 4/28/1998
The Use of Handcam 3/24/2009