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Tandem Pages

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How to Improve Racer Tandem Openings.


During the last year we have been working to improve the quality of openings on the Racer Tandem System. To that end we have developed a new deployment brake setting which provides a repeatable opening of about 2 to 3 Gís in 3 to 6 seconds.

This brake setting is defined as the length of line from the steering cascades to the brake eye, measured from the inside of the contacting loop to the inside of the contacting loop at the bottom of the brake eye. The old setting for this length was 161 inches with 18 inches from the brake eye to the toggle. The new setting is 170 inches with 9 inches from the eye to the toggle. In both cases it is permissible to move the toggle location to accommodate the users preferred stall point.

We have about 3000 jumps documented with no brakes used at all. These openings are acceptable but long they take about 800 to a 1000 feet. We felt that this was excessive and malfunction prone. By adding back in the 9 inches of brakes we are getting delicious openings as described above.

The amount of opening shock is dependent upon weight. More weight more shock. To compensate for this we have found more weight less brakes is a guide. Obviously, we havenít cone up with a variable brake setting capability, nor do I think we need to. The current production setting of 161/9 inches seems to work well for all occasions. However, if I were planning to be carrying over 450 lbs. with any regularity I would consider not setting the brakes on those occasions.

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