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Tandem Pages

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Elite/Tandem Bulletin 002


It has been discovered that in very cold weather conditions the plastic retainer sleeve on the drogue release handle shrinks, causing excessive gripping of the ferrule on the drogue release cable housing. This can cause a “hard pull” or a “no pull” situation. At least one reserve ride has been attributed to this phenomenon.
Investigation into this theory has indicated that indeed there is excessive gripping by this plastic tubing below 5 degrees Fahrenheit. This gripping force can be reduced to an acceptable level by reducing the length of the plastic sleeve to a length no greater than the ferrule on the housing end.
To that end, we are recommending a field modification, whereby the length of the clear plastic sleeve retainer on the orange plastic handle is reduced to no more than 1/4 inch protruding from the outside surface of the orange handle. This modification reduces the gripping surface of the sleeve on the ferrule to the leading edge of the ferrule, as the sleeve is effectively fluted by the constriction of the sleeve at its’ orange handle beginning.
If you are jumping in a cold environment this modification is necessary to ensure consistently acceptable pull force. This modification may be accomplished by cutting off the excessive sleeve with a sharp knife.

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